We received 2 of your lures out here in Lake Cowichan. I fish a lot of days on this lake and at best Lake Cowichan can be very finicky to fish. Today I fished your #304 Outcast 3 5/8" along with my go to bait on this lake. The Outcast out fished my go to by 2 to 1 on a total of 6 fish in 2 1/2 hours(all released). A couple of things I noticed on the outcast were that it had superior action and ran a bit deeper than my other bait, I also found that it didn't loose it's action or roll at faster trolling speeds. I troll pretty quick for trout here 2.5 to 3.2 knots. These lures are well worth a try for trout and in a couple days I'm going to try them on salmon. The pic is a 19" Cutthroat one of the 4 I caught on The #304 Outcast.

Grant Treger

It just doesn't get any better than this. A dull Sunday morning and 5 Lunker Lake Cowichan Trout all caught on the #309 Live Wire in 2 hours of fishing. The 2 fish pictured are legal size (less than 50cm) Cutthroat, but not far short. The 3 other fish caught were over the 50cm size limit and all released. My second rod was running my go to bait from a competitor and not a hit. All I can say is WOW Best Lures Rock.

Grant Treger

I've heard so much about Best Lure from my friends and I just had to try a few of them out. I purchased some lures that I thought would be successful. I'm here to report that these are the best lures I have ever used. Not only did I catch more fish than ever, I never even had one hang on underwater shrubbery! Amazing value!

John Smith

I'm only just now starting to get into fishing. A good friend of mine who is obsessed with fishing referred me to Best Lure and I have thanked him profusely for the excellent advice! My husband couldn't believe it when I caught more fish than him our first time out together. The look on his face was priceless! Thanks, Best Lure

Theresa Fahren

These are top notch quality. Esp being made of cedar wood rather then todays cheap ass plastic plugs. Everyone remember when rapalas USED to be good when they were made of balsa wood they were trusted for over 75 years world wide. now a days rapala went cheap and used dumb plastic on them which as you all know leads to broken lips on the rapalas. Even the name brand lymans are shit because there plastic.

These look amazing and better then the real deal.

James Anthony Unsworth

Wow! I won a few lures from Kokanee kings and finally got to use them-AMAZING I will tell all my friends. The action of the lure was awesome. Thanks

John-Kathryn Van Weerdhuizen