Why Best Lure Co.

The fishing lures made by Best Lure Co. are wooden fishing lures, created from yellow cedar. Best Lure Co. has tested their lures extensively and has had amazing success on native and exotic game fish in different areas and sport fishing destinations around the world.

Best Lure Co. lures are designed to imitate the erratic action of an injured fish. The lures created by Best Lure Co. are unique due to the buoyancy of the wood and the weight distribution, which creates a darting action that has yet to be achieved in other fishing lures in today’s market. These lures are a must-have in angler’s tackle boxes due to their characteristics of simulating real injured fish.

Additionally, the design and colors produce a realistic and alluring action, that fish just can’t resist.

Best Lure Co. lures have been proven to be effective in a number of situations including trolling or casting. Moreover, these lures are perfect if you are fishing for a large variety of fish including trout, salmon, bass, perch, walleye, or a number of other game fish. Happy fishing!