HS204 - Screamer

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The Screamer fishing spoon.

Lure Information:

Size:  Weight:
3 7/8" Inches 16 Grams

Hooligan Spoons are the bad boys in the trolling world with unique designs, and tough paint (our own chip resistant paint). The designs cannot be found anywhere else. Fishing should be fun. If you want some skull designs or scantily clad women on your spoons, we can help you or this. Show your personality while you fish. The colour patterns work, and the designs give a non-traditional contrast in the water that produces strikes.

Hooligan Spoons are like the kid at school who gets sent home for beating everyone up. Hooligan Spoons are okay with bullying other weak paint spoons!

If you are interested in custom colors, please contact us for more information.

HS204 - Screamer